Look Mum No Hands – Clerkenwell’s Cycling Institution

My latest coffee review is for one of the great cycling institutions of London. Look Mum No Hands was opened in 2010 by cyclists Lewin Chalkley, Matt Harper and Sam Humpheson and quickly gained a reputation as a venue for cyclists to grab a coffee, non-cyclists to meet, a venue for events and a place to watch major bike races. The café also boasts its own range of branded goods, cycling accessories and a workshop.

The Calcutta Cup – Five of the Best

With this weekend’s Calcutta Cup looking likely to be the most competitive in years, I wanted to take an affectionate look at five of the best clashes between England and Scotland.

Workshop Coffee – Best Coffee in Clerkenwell

Coffee in Clerkenwell. Coffee in Farringdon. Workshop Coffee

There are a hell of a lot of places to buy good coffee in and around London’s Clerkenwell. If the coffee-loving hipster types live in Hackney, you’ll find many of them working in this part of town which is good news for me as I don’t work far from their either and am always searching for London’s best coffee.

Yoga for Men – Improving Core Strength and More

Yoga for men as a means of improving core strength and overall fitness.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about improving my core strength. Most of my exercise tends to come from cycling on my road bike and running. I’ve run a couple of marathons in my time but injury seems to be getting in the way of that these days. I’m reasonably fit but the kind of exercise I enjoy doesn’t do a great deal for upper body or core strength.

The London Sock Company – High Quality, Luxury Socks by Subscription

I love socks. For many years, I wore plain black socks and had about twenty identical pairs; my ankles were just so boring. One grey morning I had a footwear epiphany and I’ve not looked back. Us chaps don’t have many means of being a peacock, especially those of us who wear a suit and work in an office. We’ve got ties, socks and maybe pocket squares. Socks are important and they’ve been having a renaissance over the last few years.

Small Batch – Best Coffee in Brighton

The hunt for Britain’s best coffee continues. Today, I want to talk about Small Batch Coffee in Brighton. Brighton is one of my favourite places in the world and unsurprisingly, there’s no shortage of places to go for a good cup of Joe.

Preserve of the Elderly?

I was a little surprised this week to hear that marmalade sales are massively in decline. Surprised also to hear that it’s considered the preserve of the elderly (couldn’t resist the pun). Worse still, Caroline Davies writing in the The Guardian described marmalade as a spread. A spread?? How rude! Paddington Bear would not be impressed.

Notes – Great Coffee in London

I can’t start a working day in the City of London without a good coffee. It must be a proper coffee, well-made by a barista who knows what they’re doing.


I’ve been going through my podcast collection, reflecting on which ones I enjoy and what my podcasts say about me.

Birthday Cakes

Kids’ birthday cakes have come on a bit since I was a child. I’d like to blame Mel and Sue for all this of course but the truth is that I’m a bit competitive and made a decision a couple of years ago that my boy absolutely has to have the best cake.