Small Batch – Best Coffee in Brighton

The hunt for Britain’s best coffee continues. Today, I want to talk about Small Batch Coffee in Brighton. Brighton is one of my favourite places in the world and unsurprisingly, there’s no shortage of places to go for a good cup of Joe.

Preserve of the Elderly?

I was a little surprised this week to hear that marmalade sales are massively in decline. Surprised also to hear that it’s considered the preserve of the elderly (couldn’t resist the pun). Worse still, Caroline Davies writing in the The Guardian described marmalade as a spread. A spread?? How rude! Paddington Bear would not be impressed.

Notes – Great Coffee in London

I can’t start a working day in the City of London without a good coffee. It must be a proper coffee, well-made by a barista who knows what they’re doing.


I’ve been going through my podcast collection, reflecting on which ones I enjoy and what my podcasts say about me.

Birthday Cakes

Kids’ birthday cakes have come on a bit since I was a child. I’d like to blame Mel and Sue for all this of course but the truth is that I’m a bit competitive and made a decision a couple of years ago that my boy absolutely has to have the best cake.

Half the man I used to be

Staying in stay in shape is important. It’s crucial for us to stay healthy, look good and in turn feel good. I’m sad to say that for a long time in my life I didn’t pay enough attention to looking after myself.

Petit Pois Bistro – Hoxton

I wanted to kick off my restaurant review series with a real favourite of mine. I’ve been to Petit Pois in Hoxton Square a couple of times now and loved it.

Modern Life is Rubbish

There’s a lot going on these days isn’t there? Things to juggle; work, home, social life, fashion, technology. We men aren’t good at multitasking.