Petit Pois Bistro – Hoxton

I wanted to kick off my restaurant review series with a real favourite of mine.  I’ve been to Petit Pois in Hoxton Square a couple of times now and loved it.

It’s a bijou bistro on the corner of Hoxton Square and as with all the best French places, the menu is short but full of quality.  It changes fairly regularly too, though the steak frites seems to be a constant and who can argue with that?

The place itself is compact with that air of romantic that francophiles like me always associate with anywhere gallic.  It’s the perfect setting for a date.

Duck confit with gratin dauphinoise potatoes is my dish of choice, thought the steak frites is also exceptional.  Just simple stuff, done well in the true tradition of the bistro.  Loads of cream in the gratin, which always feels indulgent.

The wine list is great too, Perrier Jouet Champagne is the house fizz and one of my favourites to I usually kick off with one of those.  Otherwise there’s a good selection of wine to match the options available on the menu.  A real highlight being the choice of sweet wines to accompany pudding.

Speaking of which, this place is home to the greatest chocolate mousse in the world.  It’s a real highlight of dining here and comes straight our of a big bow, spooned onto your plate. Have it.  Screw the calories, it’s worth it.

Service here is great too.  The waiters are supremely knowledgeable about the menu and wines, they’re really helpful and very friendly.  I’ve always been very impressed with the place.  You should go sometime soon!


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