Modern Life is Rubbish

There’s a lot going on these days isn’t there?  Things to juggle; work, home, social life, fashion, technology.  We men aren’t good at multitasking.

I’m due to be heading out into London to meet with some friends for dinner tonight but Storm Doris has wreaked havoc with the trains into town.  It looks like I’m stranded at home.  Which is better than being stranded anywhere else, I guess.  It’s still very frustrating and I’m feeling sorry for myself.

I’m reflecting on life a little and I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of things are rubbish.  They shouldn’t be, of course.  We live in the best of times; technology has enriched our lives, modern medicine has cured illnesses that used to kill millions, we can travel, we can do all kinds of things unimaginable to previous generations.

There’s something missing though, isn’t there.

We’re under more pressure than ever before at work.  Technology enables our masters to monitor our performance like never before.  Those of us who work in offices are never off duty, we get emails round the clock, our leisure time eaten up by the day job.

Governments, banks, supermarkets know where we are, how much money we have, how much money we spend and what we spend it on.

We’re all over the social media but more and more we’re seeing it contribute to a sense of loneliness and isolation.

Plus we’ve got to look good, keep healthy, eat well, have great social lives, stay happy, get promoted, have more sex, drink less, drink more…

It’s no wonder many of us are bucking under the weight of all this pressure.  Mental health is a growing area of concern; suicide is the biggest killer of men under 40 in the UK.

…and the trains are rubbish.

But then maybe I’ve just got the hump because I can’t go our for a bloody good meal with some friends.  It’s not all bad, is it…

Rant over.

For now.


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