I’ve been going through my podcast collection, reflecting on which ones I enjoy and what my podcasts say about me.  I should add that I’m always looking for new interesting podcasts on the things that matter to me like cycling, rugby, cricket, football and golf; you know, all the important things.  Maybe I should listen to some more informative stuff too, though you’ll see there is some of that in there.  I’m always open to your suggestions.

Brian Moore’s Full Contact

Rugby!  It’s Six Nations time so I’m more keen than ever to keep up to date with developments in the sport.  I like Brian Moore, he’s an interesting character with a great story to tell.  He’s also no-nonsense and likes the sound of his own voice.  Maybe I see something of myself in him!  It’s still quite a new podcast so I think Moore needs to settle into his role as anchor a little.

Sky Sports Golf Podcast

This is a new one and I think they’re still trying to get used to the format.  For someone who watches a lot of golf on Sky Sports, it’s an entertaining pod to get me through a commute.

The Cycling Podcast

I’m a huge fan of this one.  For me, the most insightful and interesting of the cycling podcasts.  Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe have been in and around the sport for a long time and knows their stuff.  They’ve no shortage of good guests too and bring good interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport.  It’s a weekly podcast and serves me well in terms of keeping me updated on the sport.

The Adam Buxton Podcast

Sadly, a less regular podcast but always enjoyable.  I’m a huge fan of Adam Buxton, going right back to the time of Adam and Joe.  This one usually consists of interviews with Adam’s brilliant jingles and songlets interspersed among the chit chat.  Conversations often go down some amusing tangents which always adds to the entertainment value.  I wish he’d produce it more regularly.

In Our Time

Factual stuff from Radio 4, presented by Melvyn Bragg who it seems knows everything about everything.  He’s hilarious though must infuriate his guests.  Being a radio programme, it’s impossible to admire his magnificent hair but still manages to keep me informed on a range of subjects I never knew I wanted to know anything about.  Probably the best thing on the radio and a must for anyone interested in ideas.

The Forward Podcast

A surprisingly good podcast from none other than Lance Armstrong.  He’s interviewed a number of interesting guests including Malcolm Gladwell and Neil deGrasse-Tyson.  He’s toned down his rants about sport and cycling over recent times so the entertainment value maybe not there like in the start but it’s still worth a listen.  I just love Lance – one of my guilty pleasures!

The Rouleur Podcast

I’m a big fan of Rouleur Magazine and this is another one that brings us some great insight and features from the world of cycling.  It’s not the most regular of podcasts and generally only about 25 minutes long but always worth listening.

Test Match Special

I love cricket and there’s nothing quite as good as listening to TMS (except perhaps actually watching cricket).  The podcast usually reflects on a day’s play or examines developments within the sport.  Presented by the usual TMS commentators, it’s a useful way of keeping up to date with all things cricket.


The Infinite Monkey Cage

Another one from BBC Radio 4.  This one, presented by comedian Robin Ince and Professor Brian Cox takes a look at science and, with the help of a panel of scientists and usually at least one comedian, seeks to bring things to life for those of us with arts and humanities degrees (mine’s in law).  I love this one and it usually has me laughing out loud on the train into work.

The Guardian Football Weekly

Probably the best football podcast out there, presented by James Richardson who many of us will remember from Channel 4’s Gazzetta Football Italia back in the 1990s, this one comes out twice each week to look over all things football related.  Lots of analysis and very little dwelling on refereeing decisions make this one the thinking man’s football podcast and I’m definitely a thinking man.  Always entertaining too, no-one does a pun like James Richardson!  Probably my favourite podcast.


Have I missed any?  What else should I be listening to?  Let me know, I’m always keen to hear new podcasts…





3 Comments Add yours

  1. andykeeley says:

    Nice list. Malcolm gladwell’s Revolutionist and radio 4’s moral maze.


    1. Harv says:

      Like Malcolm Gladwell. I struggle with the Moral Maze.


  2. Paul R says:

    Great list! The Modern Mann by Ollie Mann and The Week Unwrapped both good additions

    Liked by 1 person

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