Notes – Great Coffee in London

I’m looking for the best coffee in the City of London.

I can’t start a working day without good coffee.  It must be a proper coffee, well-made by a barista who knows what they’re doing.  I’m very lucky on my commute into the day job as Notes coffee in Moorgate is almost equidistant between the train station and the office.

Most days I drop in for my large cappuccino to take away.  It’s a good coffee.  Not the best in London but certainly knocks the socks off the cappuccinos on offer in most of the chain places around the City; good coffee imported and roasted by Notes themselves, dense milky froth and not too hot.  I look forward to setting off from Notes, coffee in hand, ready to face the day.

The food is good too.  Their selection of cakes is one of the best in the City of London whilst at breakfast time there are some superb croissants, pastries and breads on offer.  My personal weakness is the toasted smoked salmon and cream cheese croissant; you have to get in early for this one as it seems to sell out quickly.

I don’t always take away.  I’ve been known to meet friends and clients in Notes, Moorgate as the place has a good, lively atmosphere with some really good music playing in the background.  In fact, the music is eclectic and I’ve left the place with a range of earworms ranging from Queen to Kraftwerk.

If I have a criticism it’s that sometimes the service can be a little slow, on some mornings it has taken over twenty minutes to get my coffee which is at the upper end of acceptable.  I can just about swallow that as I don’t mind waiting for a good coffee but I can understand many being put off by that.

Notes have a few coffee shops spread around London and have grown over the last few years into a decent, independent chain.  I like their business model too; coffee by day wine bar by night with a decent charcuterie selection and some great craft beers.

They also wholesale their coffee and I’ve seen it on offer in a number of other places around London.

Notes is well worth a visit if you’re seeking good coffee, food and atmosphere; who isn’t seeking that?

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  1. MiscEarth says:

    Always good to hear about “Good” coffee in London. Far to many chains in the business these days. Will definitely try it when I’m back home.

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    1. Harv says:

      Glad you enjoyed reading. I’ll be posting some reviews of other coffee places in and around the city soon. Do keep an eye out for them.

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