Preserve of the Elderly?

I was a little surprised this week to hear that marmalade sales are massively in decline.  Surprised also to hear that it’s considered the preserve of the elderly (couldn’t resist the pun).  Worse still, Caroline Davies writing in the The Guardian described marmalade as a spread.  A spread??  How rude!  Paddington Bear would not be impressed.

I bloody love marmalade, in fact I make my own in batches and even give it out to friends and family at Christmas as a present.  I get rave reviews and requests for more.  I really am quite the domestic goddess.

My father in law gifts us consignments of Seville Oranges from time to time and I have a load of them in the freezer at the moment which I really ought to use up.  Those of you who know me stand by for a delivery of Harvalade sometime soon!

We make marmalade ice cream too, check out Nigella for the recipe for that one and my five-year-old son loves it.  He loves marmalade too – I know because I just gave him some for breakfast to be sure before writing this.

Then there’s my favourite cocktail of all time.  Hawksmoor’s marmalade cocktail.  This is good.  It’s so good in fact that I’ve been known to sit at the bar with a notepad to capture the recipe.  I’ve also been known to arrive early for a cheeky one on my own before the arrival of my dining companions.  Chapeau Hawksmoor!!  There isn’t much they don’t do to perfection in that place!

One thing I don’t understand is shred less marmalade.  It’s like smooth peanut butter or OJ without the bits in; perverse and totally counter to everything that’s right in this world.  Marmalade is all about chunky lumps of orange peel on your toast.

As I tend to make my own I make sure it’s packed with generously cut orange peel and I’m unapologetically going to continue with that.  If you don’t like shred you don’t like marmalade and that’s that!

Of course, it did just occur to me that in making my own I am in fact contributing to the decline in marmalade sales.  Anecdotally, it does seem to be the preserve most made at home so maybe that’s affecting things.  Either way, I’m in total denial about this whole thing.  It can’t just be Paddington and me flying the flag all things marmalade!

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