The London Sock Company – High Quality, Luxury Socks by Subscription

I’m looking for the best luxury socks in the world.

I love socks.  For many years, I wore plain black socks and had about twenty identical pairs; my ankles were just so boring.  One grey morning I had a footwear epiphany and I’ve not looked back.  Us chaps don’t have many means of being a peacock, especially those of us who wear a suit and work in an office.  We’ve got ties, socks and maybe pocket squares.  Socks are important and they’ve been having a renaissance over the last few years.

My quest for socks appeal has led to a few interesting discoveries the most recent of which is the London Sock Company.  Founded by Ryan Palmer and Dave Pickard in 2013, the company is on a mission “to help modern men add style, personality and be noticed for the right reasons by simply wearing quality, stylish socks.”  This is my kind of thing.

They’ve come a long way over the last few years and now count David Gandy among their fans.  Last year England Rugby Union Captain Dylan Hartley presented each of the team and coaching staff with a pair of their socks; they haven’t lost a match since.

Count me in!  I was given a pair of their socks for Christmas, they’re beautiful with a real feeling of luxury about them.  This is important to me.  I love products with that thicker, crisper texture that instantly reveals an element of craftsmanship and good quality above and beyond the norm.  Ryan and Dave source their cotton from a family-run producer in Portugal and place a heavy emphasis on attention to those little details which make a good product a great product.  Most of their socks are made with mercerised cotton which itself dates back to the great British age of textiles and ensures a durable product and vibrant colours.  Exactly what I want from a sock.

Now I’ve decided to take advantage of their Sock Club subscription service which in my opinion is the best idea anyone’s had since someone took a knife to a loaf of bread.  They have a number of options to choose from, you can select from a range of styles or if you’re feeling adventurous let their stylists select seasonal, on trend options for you each month.  I’ve opted for the latter lucky dip and decided to have two pairs of socks delivered every month for a cost of £18.

I’m excited about having a regular supply of fresh socks and as ever with these things, like my subscription to Rouleur Magazine, I’ll forget signing up and have a little surprise greet me on my doormat every four weeks or so.  I also see the value in keeping my sock collection fresh with new styles and fresh socks, ensuring my peacock credentials are maintained in the office and beyond.

The subscription service is also great gift idea and something I’ll consider for fellow sock-loving friends and family.  I just love the idea of such an original regular treat for the man who has everything.

I’m going to be reviewing these socks in a little more detail once they’ve been delivered so watch this space for further news.


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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Paul Nixon says:

    Nice article Mr H.

    My love of a fine sock has grown steadily since my late-thirties, with Paul Smith being most commonly represented in my collection.

    I would worry about an accumulating excess at 2 pairs per month though.

    Socks are the perfect gift for my hard-pressed relatives – about the right price as an ‘affordable luxury’ and guaranteed to bring pleasure.


  2. Harv says:

    I totally agree with you Paul about the right price as an affordable luxury. I think the two pairs a month thing is good for me at the moment as my collection definitely needs some expansion. Interestingly, since writing this, I’ve spoken to a lot of people with sock subscriptions. I just think it’s a great present idea.


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