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There’s a lot to think about when you’re a man these days.  There’s work, trying to look good, keeping fit, being a dad, food, drink, sport, health, cars, technology…

We get told we’ve got to man up but what on earth does that mean?  I’m Harv and I’ve been thinking about all these things for a long time.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I still haven’t got a clue.img_1138

Manupmanship is about managing life as a man in the modern world.  Balancing the need to be a great dad with the pressures of work, keeping healthy, looking stylish and having a social life.  It’s a blog for those of us who want to keep on top of these things and be the best man we can.

There are a lot of really good blogs out there for men.  If you want fashion, grooming, fitness you’ve got a world to choose from.  What I’m not seeing so much is blogging aimed at the man with the busy job and family who still wants to keep fit, look stylish, eat well and be a good dad.

I live in the English Home Counties, just about 45 minutes from London.  I have a good job in the city, a house, a wife and a son.

You’ll learn a lot more about me through the blog.  It’s all on there…

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